“One Spicy Christmas Elf” Release Day!

Hello Amazing Readers!

You’ve been waiting all year for this book to appear on your Kindle and today is the day.

(If you preordered, you can start reading right now.)

If you didn’t preorder, you can grab a copy–ebook or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited–and get started on this holiday romance novel.

Your copy is waiting.

Question: How do you hide a flying reindeer when there are cameras everywhere?

Answer: You put her in the movie.

Natasha Newberry arrives on Reindeer Wrangler Ranch with big expectations and high hopes. As the production company’s (almost) official) liaison, she’ll work closely with the wranglers to scout locations, hold reindeer auditions, and more. The one thing she doesn’t need is a handsome wrangler distracting her with sleigh rides and stary nights.

But she got one.

Ever since his twin married, Jack’s looked for an angel of his own. When Natasha arrives, wearing an elf costume no less—he’s smitten. When she charms the reindeer, he falls head over boots.

When things fall apart on set, and Natasha’s job’s in jeopardy, will Jack help her, thus giving her a ticket back to Hollywood and loosing his heart? Or will the movie business tear them apart?

Find out in this magical Christmas story.

Grab your copy and start reading for a dose of Christmas spirit this holiday season.

I hope you enjoy all the holiday fun and that it inspires you with a dose of Christmas Cheer!

Black Ops Tag: Mission: Harvest Ranch Wedding

I have to admit, this was a passion project. Yes, it falls within my regular genre of romance. BUT, it’s a total ROMCOM in all the best ways!

Imagine this:

Five military police continue a game of tag–only it has a Black Ops twist. Once a year they try to take one another out (i.e. land you flat on your back) in whatever way possible. Sneak attacks are encouraged!

Now imagine that one of the friends is getting married–and he’s it! The four groomsmen are out to get him and he has to hide it from his bride because:

  1. She’s running for office and her image is at stake
  2. She’s asked you to suspend the game
  3. You’re the idiot who was dumb enough to make these guys your groomsmen

Will these two make it to the church or will they be waylaid for the sake of the game?

You’ll have to read the book to find out. BUT don’t worry, I’m not leaving you in total suspense. 🙂

There’s a short story — one that shows how the bride and groom fell in love, FAST. It’s a total love-at-first kidnapping story that you’re sure to swoon over.

You can grab a copy here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/hrdghsx1ba

It’s a Nutty Christmas Romance!

Hello Reader Friend!

With Thanksgiving this week–I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you! You make a difference in my life and I appreciate you.

Many readers have fallen in love with the Reindeer Wranglers and that’s why I’m so excited to share this book with you. A Nutty Christmas Reunion is ready and available on Amazon.

Click here to start reading.


“Name?” she prompted as nicely as she could.

“I’m not sure I want to tell you.”

She scowled. “Why not?”

“You attacked me with a tire iron.” He threw the words out like knives.

Indignation fired inside. Obviously, she felt bad about it, or she wouldn’t be driving him to get help. “I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t breaking into my barn. What would you do if you were in my situation?”

He lowered his arm and studied in her what little light there was on First Street. He sighed. “I’d probably want to hit them with a tire iron.”

She felt oddly validated. And then the shame of her actions flooded her. “I’m so sorry. Please believe that I don’t usually go around hitting people.”

“I know.” He shifted carefully.

She eyed him warily. Exactly how long had he been watching her? Was he some stalker who’d picked up her picture on social media? Or had her ex sent him to find out if she had money? If so, the joke was on him. “How?”

“Because you were always a sweet kid.”

Her eyebrows pulled together.

He chuckled. “You don’t remember me—do you?”

“Should I?”

“I’d like to think I left an impression.” He had a smidgen of satisfaction and a smudge of overconfidence that was adorably handsome. If this wasn’t the strangest thing that had ever happened to her, she might think he was cute. He turned his head to the side, offering his profile. “Look close.”

She did her best to scrutinize him in the Christmas lights that brushed through the windows. “Sorry. I got nothing.”

He sighed. “Forest Nicholas.”

She slammed on the brakes, throwing them both forward.

His good arm reached out to stop him from flying into the dashboard. “What the peanut butter fudge?!” he snapped.

“Forest Nicholas?” she asked in disbelief. At the very name, she was taken back to her elementary school years where the little boy with cornflower-blue eyes painted her hair brown in art class and left a melted candy bar that looked like poo in her desk. “Forest Nicholas,” she repeated.

A Romance to Fall For

Zoey Carroll trusts her intuition and it pays off. Hunter Westbrook works it out on paper and it works out in life. Opposites may attract, but a lasting love needs more than an explosive first kiss. USA Today bestselling author Lucy McConnell and Ellie Thornton explore the relationship between personal nature and love in this sweet fall romance full of small town charm, falling leaves, warm cider and the Harvest Ranch Family.

You can pick up your copy–today!

Release of 2nd Chance Romance Collection

Hello Amazing Readers!

I’m so excited to release a collection of 2nd chance Rom Coms. This collection has so many wonderful books (5!) that will keep you up past your bedtime. 🙂

Inside, you’ll find:

Her Marriage Pact with the Billionaire

Ten years ago, on graduation night, best friends Quinton and Virginia made a marriage pact. Virginia left the country and Quinton threw himself into designing roller coasters for his family’s amusement park business; but he never forgot that night or the kiss that seared Virginia in his heart.

The Warrior Groom
A princess, a football player, and the secret that has kept them apart for years.

Intentional Walk

Brayden Birks, starting pitcher for the St. George Redrocks, can’t wait to propose to his girlfriend.
Tilly Creswick may not be perfect; but, she’s perfect for him.
Tragedy strikes before Brayden can put the ring on her finger and he’s stripped down to his core, unsure of his place in the world of baseball and his ability to be a good husband.

Her Rock Star’s Forbidden Kiss
Clay is great at stealing kisses…
And sweeping Paisley off her feet…
But Paisley’s been burned by romance before, and as head of Snow Valley hospital’s fundraising effort, she needs to stay focused on making this holiday season a success.

Quarantined in the Arena
What could be worse than being quarantined in a basketball arena because of the coronavirus?
Being quarantined with the man who left you at the alter.

Each story is sure to bring you smiles and happy sighs.

You can grab your copy here for just 99 cents for a limited time.

Happy reading,


Release Party and Giveaway

Some books come quickly and others take time to marinate. “The Black Sheep Master Builder’s Fake Marriage” was one of those that had to sit for a while and soak up some flavor. The wait was worth it because it’s finally ready to release!!

About the book:

He needs a wife…

But he doesn’t want one.

Find out what happens when he places an ad and finds a woman he can’t live without.

Cash’s grandfather left him the family home but he can’t take possession of it unless he has a family of his own. He places an ad in the local classifieds and is shocked when Maggie shows up at his door.

She was the one that got away.

But not this time.

He’ll do everything he can to win her trust back and be the man she deserves. But will it be enough to make up for shattering her heart? Or will the two of them say goodbye just as fast as they said I do?

Find out in this sweet romance, today.


To celebrate the release, I’m hosting a giveaway on Goodreads. You can find it on my profile page. While you’re there, click the follow button so you don’t miss out on any of my events, parties, or contests.


Happy reading,


“His Small Town Fresh Start” sample!

Good day to you!

I love trying things out before I buy them. Like pants. I can’t buy a pair of pants without putting them on and seeing how they fit.

I think books are like that too.

Trying a book on is a little different than trying on pants. With pants, I can tell you within 5 seconds if I like them.

Sometimes books take a minute to evaluate. I look at the cover. Then read the back. Then I’ll read the first couple of pages.

When my kids were little, I’d hand them a book and tell them they had to read the first three pages before they could tell me they didn’t want it. 🙂

That’s why I like to share excerpts from my books. I know it’s nice to try something on.

Here’s an excerpt from “His Small Town Fresh Start: the Harvest Ranch Romance Series Spring Flings and Engagement Rings.”

Happy reading,



The early evening air brushed Lucky’s skin with a sense of possibility. Tonight was the family roping, and he was all over dusting off his skills and seeing how he held up against these longtime cowboys.

“Are you warm enough?” Lucky adjusted the blanket over Swayzie’s sore leg as he situated her on the bleachers. She was not happy to be here, and the scowl line between her eyes needed to be smoothed away. His hand opened and closed with the yearning to do just that.

“I’m fine.” Her clipped tone had more to do with sitting on the sidelines than it did with his care for her. The crutches were tucked safely in the garage because he hadn’t figured out the perfect time to give them to her yet. She was stubborn and bullheaded in the best of ways. She’d insisted on riding the side-by-side instead of in the padded truck where he could put a pillow under her leg. Yet she hadn’t complained once when they’d jostled.

“I’m fine. If you don’t get going, you won’t be in the jackpot.” She shooed him away, readjusting the blanket he’d just moved.

Lucky grinned at her obstinance, looked her right in the eye, and moved the blanket back where he’d had it. “They can’t start without me. I’m the main attraction.”

She rolled her eyes. “I hate to tell you this, but Jaden’s the only one rooting for you tonight.” She nodded to where Jaden and Miles rode their horses in circles to get them warmed up. As they watched, Jaden had his horse change leads, putting him on the right one. Lucky swelled with pride to see his nephew make the change without anyone telling him to. The two boys would get time in the box, chasing the dummy attached to the four-wheeler for practice, while the grown-ups would rope live steers.

“I think I have more fans than that.” Lucky climbed down the bleachers, his long legs spanning the seats with ease.

“Who?” Swayzie called behind him.

“The most beautiful woman on the ranch.” Lucky stopped Carrie as she moved to join Swayzie on the bleachers. He bowed over her hand. “I can count on you to cheer for me, can’t I, Mrs. Westbrook?”

Carrie twittered. “Of course.”

“That doesn’t count!” Swayzie called to his back. “She cheers for everyone.”


If you enjoyed the sample, you can pick up a copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08T7V4X6J


My inspiration for “His Small Town Fresh Start” came from several different places.

I was reading a list of romance tropes and “playing house” was one of them.

Do you remember “Whose the Boss?” The television show from the ’80s? It was based on a man and woman living together and playing house–even though there were strict boundaries: she was his employer. I liked that dynamic. Tony–from the show–never lost his man card. He was an alpha male who kept house and cooked meals. While Angela was a successful, no-nonsense business woman who was feminine and beautiful. Together, they raised their two children and eventually fell in love.

So, that was one if the inspirations behind the storyline for “His Small Town Fresh Start.” We have Swayzie–a no-nonsense cowgirl with gorgeous long hair and impossibly pink lips; and Lucky–a risk-taking, bronc rider, alpha male brought together to take care of their nephew. (Swayzie’s brother is married to Lucky’s sister. It’s not THAT small of a small-town romance. 😜)

What do you think? Do you enjoy stories with this trope? If so, you can check out tho book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08T7V4X6J

Happy reading,


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