Quarantined in the Office


Dear Reader,

We live in some crazy times. Crazy because toilet paper is more valuable than fresh vegetables and canned beans fly off the shelf like chocolate.


And, since I write contemporary romance, I’ve put it all in a short story. Well, part of it all. I saved some for the second in the short series. 😉 (Which is almost ready. I’ll keep you posted.)

But, while you’re holding up inside and making your own bread–take an hour and read this sweet romance based on COVID-19.

Much love!


Pick up your copy by clicking here.


Making Connections


I’ve had readers say that they come to my books because they want to connect to my characters. I LOVE that!! I spend so much time with these imaginary people that I’m thrilled when they make new friends. 🙂

Speaking of making connections, I wanted to share my go-to question for making a connection with my teenagers. (I have 3!)

But, before we get started, I should remind you about my new book, Her Billionaire Mistake, available on Amazon. Not only will you connect with Brooklyn and Asher as they fall in love, but with the town of Eureka Springs. You’re going to love it!

Okay, so when it comes to connecting with teens, there’s sometimes a brick wall. They walk through the door after school, drop their backpack by the door, grab food, and head to their rooms.

And you’re left with crumbs.

Maybe even wondering where the sweet little child who ran off the bus and into your arms–and told you all about finger painting and finally making it down the big slide–went.

You probably even ask, “How was school?”

To which they reply, “Fine.”

There is a simple follow-up question that can get you at least one more sentence.

Wait! I forgot to tell you that Her Billionaire Mistake is FREE for KU and Amazon Prime readers.


Okay, so my go-to question is: What was fine about it? (Or, what was good about it? Or, what was okay about it?)

And then… I listen. I give them 100% of my attention–not in a creepy way–but I pay attention to their answer.

Don’t expect miracles. Aim for a 1-sentence reply.

That’s a victory!

Keep asking. Keep trying. Keep listening.

And, maybe one day you’ll email and ask me what the trick is to get them to stop talking. LOL

Thanks for joining me today. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Her Billionaire Mistake and connect with Brooklyn and Asher.

Happy reading!

Sparks fly... Kisses happen... (2)

It’s release day!

Hello Readers,

Today is release day for the book, Her Billionaire Mistake.

Kisses happen (1)

What I’m most excited about today, is introducing you to the quirky town of Eureka Springs.

Well, my version of it anyway.

I went on a research trip with the other authors in this series and we fell in love with the town. LOVE! As I was writing, the town took on a life of its own and became an important part of the story. I don’t believe the book would have worked anywhere else in the world.

Pick up your copy and enjoy!

Happy reading,



Cover Reveal!

Wait! Didn’t I just do a cover reveal?

You bet I did. 🙂

But, I have a lot of projects coming to a close and that means there are some super awesome totally fun and flirty romances headed your way.

Check this cover out!

HerBillionaireMistake_CVR (7)

Oh yeah!

If you’re a fan of the Billionaire Bachelor Cove books, then you’re going to LOVE and ADORE this new series. I mean, seriously.

Sparks fly…

Kisses happen…

But this is one mistake she won’t get over.

Welcome to Billionaire Bachelor Mountain Cove were billionaires go to disappear for days, weeks or months. Off the grid, exclusive and remote, it’s a place unlike any other.

But, no one can hide away from love.

Especially when it comes knocking on their door.

You’re going to love this book because everyone loves an enemies to lovers story.

Click here to set up a preorder so the book arrives first thing on release day.

Cover Reveal!


I’ve had a project under works with the fabulous Anne-Marie Meyer and we are FINALLY ready to show it to the world.

Here we go:

The Kissing Penalty


Oh my gosh, I love that cover sooooo much. 🙂 Anne-Marie designed it and she did an excellent job.

So, the story. 🙂 Yes, I have a 1-line pitch. But, the really wonderful thing about this book is that it’s part of a series based on the same family. The McKight Family.

Lottie is the baby, and she’s the one who falls in love first–with her older brother’s best friend. Which creates all sorts of problems because the older brother isn’t happy. Not happy folks!

You can preorder the book today so it’s on your Kindle the moment it releases. Don’t you just love waking up to new books in your device? LOVE IT!!! Click here for the magic to happen.

Happy reading!



Her Totally Hot Forbidden Fake Fiance: A Contemporary Holiday Romance (Christmas Romance Series)


Taking the wrong man home for Christmas never felt so right.

Diana Dalagar can’t stand the idea of her neighbor spending Christmas alone, so she invites Cliff to the family cabin. In the planning, there’s a slight misunderstanding that gives her mother the impression they are engaged. Which is great, because it will keep Diana’s family off her back about why she’s still single. She’ll just have to make sure that Cliff doesn’t find out what she’s done.

Cliff has no desire to get into another relationship that could embarrass him in front of a church full of people. When he finds out Diana set him up as her fake fiancé, he’s understandably upset. But, Diana is the color in his otherwise dreary winter day. He’d do anything for her—even play the doting fiancé for Christmas.

Pretending to be a couple puts the two of them in close quarters where their lips continually come together to create Christmas magic. When the stakes are raised by a chaotic Christmas Day wedding, Cliff’s hurtful past crashes into his possible future with Diana.

In order to start a life with Cliff, Diana will have to confess how she truly feels. But, saying “I love you” is a dangerous thing. Can Diana make their wishes come true; or, will she be alone under the mistletoe again this Christmas?


You can start reading by clicking here.

Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances


I know, I’m always excited about new series. 🙂 So, it’s no surprise that I am thrilled about the latest series I have out called  Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances.


Fans of National Treasure and Indiana Jones will love this series!

A group of unlikely friends come together to find a lost gold mine. Along the way, they trip into romance and fall head over heels in love.

For Heroes Proved:

Bridger Obrien is a world renowned treasure hunter, but after a disastrous mutiny leaves one man dead, he limps to Washington D.C., seeking to salvage his career. He needs a new treasure hunt, a team and anonymity—the more people who believe he’s dead the better. When he stumbles upon a Library of Congress archivist who believes Abraham Lincoln left behind a gold mine worth billions, he jumps at the chance to uncover a historical mystery.

Cora Henderson doesn’t believe her father’s theory about Lincoln’s lost gold and she makes sure Bridger knows it. He may be a pirate, but she’s not about to let him steal her heart with his devil-may-care grin. When Cora’s family is thrown into a crisis, it’s Bridger who holds her through the darkest of nights. He’s a rebel, that’s for sure, but he’s also the only man who has ever kissed her until her safety nets fell away.

As his love for Cora grows, Bridger begins to rethink his adventurous lifestyle. He’d give up anything for the woman who is softness and curves against his rough edges. But when the clue they’ve been searching for rises from the archives, the sharks begin to circle. If he doesn’t jump back into dangerous waters, he could lose the find of a lifetime.

To start reading, click here.

Happy reading,


Behind the scenes

Dear Reader,

Her-Awkward-Blind-Date-with-the-Billionaire-KindleWhile writing “Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire“, I kept thinking, “What the worst that could happen right now?” and then I’d put my poor characters through it. LOL Which meant a single dad bra shopping and a single mom whose son signs her up for a dating app. So. Much. Fun. !!

I hope you have fun reading,




Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been on a blind date? I’ve heard stories of people who have met the love of their life of blind dates but I don’t know anyone personally who enjoys them. 🙂

Her-Awkward-Blind-Date-with-the-Billionaire-KindleA horrible blind date was the inspiration for this book. And by horrible, I mean the kind of blind date that makes you want to hide if you see the person walking down the street.  But, what if you had to see them again? What if circumstances beyond your control brought you together again and again. And what if, in those chance encounters, you started to see the real person on the other side of that mortifying experience–and he wasn’t so bad.

Each of us strives to put out best self out there and to make good impressions. But the best of us isn’t the shiny hair or the long eye lashes, it’s our hearts.

I’ll bet you have a beautiful heart!

I hope you enjoy Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire new release!

Happy reading,

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