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Dear Reader,

Her-Awkward-Blind-Date-with-the-Billionaire-KindleWhile writing “Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire“, I kept thinking, “What the worst that could happen right now?” and then I’d put my poor characters through it. LOL Which meant a single dad bra shopping and a single mom whose son signs her up for a dating app. So. Much. Fun. !!

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Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been on a blind date? I’ve heard stories of people who have met the love of their life of blind dates but I don’t know anyone personally who enjoys them. 🙂

Her-Awkward-Blind-Date-with-the-Billionaire-KindleA horrible blind date was the inspiration for this book. And by horrible, I mean the kind of blind date that makes you want to hide if you see the person walking down the street.  But, what if you had to see them again? What if circumstances beyond your control brought you together again and again. And what if, in those chance encounters, you started to see the real person on the other side of that mortifying experience–and he wasn’t so bad.

Each of us strives to put out best self out there and to make good impressions. But the best of us isn’t the shiny hair or the long eye lashes, it’s our hearts.

I’ll bet you have a beautiful heart!

I hope you enjoy Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire new release!

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Meet the Author


My friend and fellow author, Ellie Thornton, has a new book out. “The Heir of Thornfield Manor.” (You can pick up a copy here.)

I asked Ellie to tell you a little bit about herself:

I’ve loved writing and creating and making things since as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I liked to make movies with my friends. I’ve been writing stories since I could pick up a pencil. In kindergarten I wrote a musical about nuns. My teacher never gave it back. I just assume it’s because she loved it so much. 🙂

I love to travel, especially to places where my stories take place. Some of the places I’ve traveled include: England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Italy, and Romania. Driving a car in Romania was intense! But I got to visit Vlad the Impaler’s Castle! (Is that a weird thing to admit?)



And, Ellie is hosting a giveaway. You can enter here.

Ellie Thornton

Happy reading!


A book teaser!


I thought you may like to read an excerpt from my latest book: Intentional Walk. It’s a contemporary baseball romance full of flirting and fun and dating and disaster.

You can pick up the book here:


Brayden turned on Tilly, who was slipping her heels off right there in the lobby. Even in a posh hotel, she was still a desert gypsy. “What do you mean, you’ll see him tomorrow?”

“At the game. He’s pitching.” She headed for the elevator doors. Her air of unconcern was concerning.

“Are you going out tomorrow night too?”

She lifted a shoulder. “I don’t know.” She pressed the up button and the doors slid open immediately. They stepped inside. “Are you going to wait in the lobby?”

“I might. Someone needs to watch out for you.” He sighed with relief at being alone with her. He stood close, his arm brushing hers, needing the contact.

“Brayden.” Her voice held a note of warning.

“Don’t get like that. I’m allowed to care about your welfare.”

Tilly stood in front of him, blocking his way out of the elevator should the doors open. “Do you care?” she asked quietly. The raw question packed a punch.

Brayden’s head got light. The full force of Tilly’s mint-green eyes boring into his, probing right into his innermost thoughts, his soul, was too much to keep out. He couldn’t keep her away from her. His hands journeyed to her sides, his fingers sliding around her back. “You know I do.” His voice was gravely, real. The walls of the elevator disappeared, time slowed, and his brain hit the pause button.

Tilly lifted up on her tiptoes, her mouth almost brushing his. She held herself there, as if she was allowing him the opportunity to pull away from her. But he knew that if he did, this would be the last time. The warm brush of her breath on his lips made his body jelly.

Tilly closed the distance, her shoes dropping to the floor and her arms winding around his neck as their lips came together.

Brayden walked her backward until her back pressed against the wall. He pressed his body against hers, his lips drinking her in. His fingers worked their way into her hair, and he was undone with the feel of it sliding against his skin.

Tilly let out a soft moan, and it was as if he could suddenly feel—really feel—again. Her sunshine broke through the clouds that had built up inside of him, his mind. The emotions swirling between the two of them were too strong to fight against. His arms wrapped around her tighter, pulling her closer.

She gasped his name, her breaths coming heavy and fast. He moved his hand to the back of her head and tipped her chin so he could trail kisses along her jaw. She sagged against him, and he felt strong in being able to hold her up—stronger than he had felt in weeks. She bracketed his face with her hands and brought their lips together once more, drinking him in.

The elevator doors opened with a loud ding that caused them both to jump.

Brayden gasped for breath, wondering if he’d truly breathed at all since he’d lost Tilly. He looked into her eyes, blazing with love, and he saw his future—though not any future he’d ever pictured before. This one was harder but beautiful still.

She stumbled out of his embrace and out of the elevator. “I have to go.”

“Tilly.” He reached for her, but she slipped through his fingers and the doors shut tight. He pressed his head against the cool metal. “What have I done?”


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The Inspiration Behind the Story

Dear Reader,

While shopping for my son’s baseball pants and a new glove, we met a guy named Jace. Jace is in his early twenties, a catcher, and has a charming smile. I asked him several questions about playing baseball, and he finally said, “I broke my neck—I don’t play anymore.”


I blinked several times. This healthy young man broke his neck? It didn’t computer. So, being the curious author that I am, I asked for his story. He was so wonderful explaining the way the truck had gone off a cliff on an icy road, flipped over, and smashed him between the dash and the roof. He explained that he crawled out of the truck, while holding his head up with his hands because his neck wouldn’t do the job. He scrambled up the embankment and, after everyone else had been taken care of, allowed the emergency personnel to load him into an ambulance.


His neck was indeed broken and he had two metal rods through his spine to hold it together. Not only would playing baseball be dangerous, he lacked the ability to rotate his arms to throw the ball. It was a heavy loss for him—to lose the ability to play the game he loved—but his smile, that charming grin, didn’t falter—hasn’t faltered. Every time I see Jace, he’s smiling.


I asked him if I could use his story for the inspiration for this book. He readily agreed. I can’t wait until I can place one in his hands (it’s on order and should be here soon) and thank him for sharing his story with me and allowing me to share it with you.

You can read Intentional Walk by clicking here.

“Intentional Walk” is here!


Today is a very big day for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s my husband’s birthday!! Happy birthday, honey!
    1. Side note: My husband and I were born exactly 2 years and 1 day apart. Which means … my birthday is tomorrow.  I love having our birthdays so close together. It makes planning parties a dream. Even though we share so much, we have separate cakes. He likes yellow cake and I adore chocolate. It also means that we’ve never forgotten one another’s b-days. LOL


  1. Today is baseball tryouts for my 17 yo. AHHHH. His senior year. I love—LOVE—watching him play ball. It’s a joy to see him succeed and sometimes fail at something he loves so much. So wish him luck today!


  1. It’s release day for “Intentional Walk: Dating Mr. Baseball Book 3” You can pick up a copy by clicking here.

An evening spent with the Redrock’s star pitcher is an evening you won’t forget. 

Happy Dance!

This book has been in my heart for over a year. In fact, after the first Dating Mr. Baseball book came out, I had the title and plot for this one ready to go. It took a long time to get it to you because there was a lot of heart involved.

Copy of Free for Ku readers! (2)

Meet My Friend Amberlee!

Hello Readers,

I’m so excited to introduce you to my sweet friend Amberlee Day. I’ve asked her a few questions…

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I was a daydreamy kid and am the same as an adult. I live in a forest a ferry-ride from Seattle, and truly love where I live. My family and our dogs regularly venture out for walks, rain or shine (usually rain). When I was a teenager I wanted to write romance novels and be a mom, and that’s exactly what I’ve been blessed to do.

What was your favorite memory from the trip to Seattle?

I grew up in the area, but going into downtown Seattle always meant a fun day with family or friends. Enjoying the city with my writing friends was a special treat, mostly because they are all amazing women. My favorite part of the trip was when Holly asked if there was a forest in the city that we could visit. I laughed, because forest…city…nope. Pretty sure not. But then I Googled “forest near me,” and sure enough, there’s a large park there in the city with a forest that I’d never heard of! Got to love Seattle.



What, if anything from the research trip, did you include in your book? 

Seattle Center and Pike Place Market. 

Where do you get your inspiration for stories?

I love Jane Austen retellings, and even did a fun Jane Eyre-type story. Sometimes I keep favorite movies in mind when I’m writing too. For Family Dinners with the Billionaire I kept thinking of The Sound of Music.

Thanks so much, Amberlee, for taking time to answer my questions!

You can pick up Amberlee’s new book “Family Dinners with the Billionaire by clicking here.


An Exclusive Excerpt

Hello Readers,

I’ve brought you an exclusive excerpt from “Family Dinners with the Billionaire”  by author Amberlee Day. I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like to just jump into the book, you can click here.


Julie’s pulse hadn’t returned to normal since the troops stormed the kitchen. Now that it appeared she’d be allowed to stay through dinner, four pairs of eyes focused on her, each showcasing a different emotion: hopeful Olive, hungry Des, bored Ingrid, and…well, she wasn’t sure how to read Mr. Bolt’s expression, but she’d say determined to maintain control, mixed with equal parts dangerous and skeptical.

“Okay, Julie,” sweet Olive’s little-girl voice encouraged, “tell us about dinner.”

“Right.” Julie pulled her eyes away from theirs. Thankfully, when she spotted the food on the cabinet, she came to her senses. “Tonight we’re going to make chicken stir fry.”

“Sounds, great,” Des said, moving farther into the kitchen. Julie guessed the boy was around ten or eleven. He definitely took after his father, with a powerful build and already wide shoulders. “Where do we start?”

“I always like to start with washing hands,” Julie said, still tentative but trying to be cheerful. While the kids queued up at the sink, their father stepped toward her, his eyes still shooting darts. When his brow furrowed and he looked like he was about to yell again, she braced herself. But it wasn’t her he was barking at this time.

“Ingrid. Change first,” he said, his eyes remaining on Julie. “Nine-and-a-half minutes.”

“Fine,” the older girl huffed, leaving the way she’d come.

“Teenagers,” Julie said with a smile and a slight shrug, hoping to soften the mood. It didn’t work.

“Do you always start off a job by interrupting overseas calls and causing widespread panic?”

Julie had already begun opening a jar of cornstarch and got some on her hands. She wiped it on a towel before extending her hand. Someone needed to start being civil here, even if this job wouldn’t continue past tonight.

“No, I normally introduce myself. Julie Kiyama.”

He scowled at her hand a moment before taking it in his own. Surprisingly, a zinging sensation jolted through her at the connection, suddenly making her self-conscious that this impossible-to-ignore man was touching her hand, which was attached to the rest of her. When his eyes widened, she thought she read a new awareness in them. Did he feel that too?

“Jetton Bolt,” he said, releasing her hand after a succinct pump.

Julie couldn’t quite suppress the nervous giggle that bubbled up. “Jett-n? Because you like to go fast?” Before she could think better of it, she pumped her arms in slow motion, like she was imitating a toddler trying really hard to run.

“If that makes you feel better to think so.” His dismissive tone made her want to hit him in the head with a frying pan, but she stopped the running motion. “It’s actually derived from a family name. My maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Jett.”

“I imagine a little boy named Jett-n would be pretty adorable,” she said, still emphasizing the cute pronunciation. “What’s your middle name?”

Yes, he could see the indication that he might consider going by that instead—though, seriously, it was a great name. She couldn’t admit that, however. Even if she did commit the cardinal mistake of using the intercom, he was just a bit too uppity for his own good. She’d be willing to bet he was used to people bowing and scraping to get his approval. Of course, those people probably didn’t get pretty much fired before they started working.

Jetton Bolt’s features remained unchanged. Note to self: don’t play poker with this man.

When the water turned off at the sink, Julie turned her attention to the remaining two children, her back on Jetton.

“All right, Olive and Des. You two look ready. Step right up to a workstation. We’ll get you started while we wait for Ingrid to come back and for your father to wash his hands.”

She didn’t look to see Jetton’s reaction, but satisfaction relaxed her shoulders when she heard the water running in the sink again. Maybe he really was going to cooperate with her, at least for tonight. She explained a few of the tasks to the children, just as she would if they had come to her restaurant to cook. While Des cut broccoli into flowerets and Olive carefully measured garlic and spooned it onto the pre-cut raw chicken pieces, Julie turned to light the stove—and ran right into Jetton.

“Whoops! Sorry.” Her hands landed right on his exceptionally muscular chest. She drew back as quickly as she could manage—curiosity tempted her to let her hands stay where they were and think about that firm physique a moment longer, but she held them up in surrender and sidestepped to go around him. A teensy glance at his steely eyes confirmed that he was not amused.

“Let’s get this pan fired up. Jetton, you can measure two tablespoons of oil so we can cook the chicken.” A thought stopped her, and she scrutinized his chest again, this time for long enough that he said something.

“See what you need, or do you require another examination?” he asked, making heat rush up to her cheeks.

“What I see—and yes, felt—is a silk shirt. You may want to wear an apron to avoid grease spots.”

His eyes narrowed in contempt and he snorted—or was it a laugh? “I don’t wear aprons.”

“No?” Julie almost wanted to laugh herself at how childish he looked, but his arrogance was too off-putting. She couldn’t laugh at it. Shrugging, she said, “Fine. Ruin a perfectly nice shirt. That pan will heat up quickly, so if you could put the oil in now, I’ll have…” Ingrid returned just then, her hair piled in a bun that put her a good five inches taller than Julie. And yes, she wore a modest t-shirt and some flowy lounge pants. “Ingrid, glad to have you back. If you could wash your hands…?”

The girl waved her fingers with a bored look. “Just did.”

“Great. Then if you want to grab that bowl Olive has with the chicken and bring it over to the stove, we’ll get cooking.”

That earned her another cold look from Jetton, and Julie’s nervous giggle threatened to emerge again. Yes, her let’s get cooking proclamation over the intercom would not be forgiven. Even though she’d be leaving tonight with instructions to never return, she had to hand it to herself; she knew how to make a lasting first impression.


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