“Family Dinners with the Billionaire” is now available!

Hello Readers!

From my good friend, and an excellent person all the way around, Amberlee Day, comes the new Billionaire Bachelor Cove romance, “Family Dinners with the Billionaire.


About the book: 

When Jetton Bolt’s supermodel wife died two years ago, his kids handled it surprisingly well. After all, she was hardly ever home. Now that they’ve moved back to Jetton’s home town of Seattle, however, problems arise, and the counselor he’s hired recommends he spend more time with his children. First thing on the list: eat dinners together, and cook them together, too. Jetton doesn’t cook, but that’s what money’s for, right?

Julie Kiyama has earned a name in Seattle and beyond as a talented chef, but when it comes to running a business in a saturated restaurant market, she struggles. Hoping that the third time will be the charm, she opens a “restaurant” where diners actually help cook their own dinners. She never dreamed that this odd foodie niche would land her a job helping a billionaire and his kids learn to cook together, or that she’d be driving daily to the luxurious private neighborhood known as The Cove to make it happen.

When sparks begin to fly in the Bolt kitchen between Jetton and Julie, both will have to redefine their ideas of success if they have any hope of believing what their hearts are telling them.


You can start reading by clicking here.


Road Trip

I recently took a writing road trip with Jeanette Lewis. We documented our journey on Facebook Live. You can review the videos on my YouTube channel here. It was SO MUCH FUN! We had a bet going. I won’t tell you who won… You’ll have to watch to find out. 😉


Happy Valentine’s Week!

It’s Valentine’s Week!! I know, it’s a one-day holiday and we don’t even get the day off of work, but I absolutely love this week because it feels like everyone is making plans to tell someone that they love them. 🙂 That’s totes sweet.

Are you a Valentine’s Day prepper? Do you buy Valentine’s weeks in advance? Or, do you run out at the last minute? I”m not sure it matters so much as long as you get the job done. 🙂

If you don’t have someone you’re romancing this week, don’t let the opportunity to express your love and gratitude for friends and family pass you by. I love my bestie. I love my mom. I love my puppy. You never know who needs to hear those words this week so don’t be stingy with them!

Dating Mr. Baseball Book 3 Update


I’m really looking forward to sharing my next Dating Mr. Baseball novel with you. This story is about Brayden. He’s a pitcher and a darn good one too. But,  his world crumbles around him and he has to figure out if he has more to offer Tilly than a 96 mph fastball and a magazine-worthy smile.

There are some great moments in these pages. Ones that I was simply tickled to type. When that happens, it just gets me giddy. LOL
As soon as I have a cover, I’ll let you know!

Happy reading,


Writing Road Trip


I had such a great time this weekend doing a Writers’ Road Trip with Jeanette Lewis!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I did a writing road trip with Jeanette Lewis. We stumbled upon a used book store with a sweet clerk, ate sushi burritos, and made huge progress on our books! You can check out our journey on our facebook page and my YouTube page, just search for Author Lucy McConnell to find us.

Or, you can click here to get started.

Happy reading,


Fun Facts with Friends

Hello Readers,

Erica Penrod, the author of HER BRILLIANT COWBOY BILLIONAIRE, is one of my bestest friends. 🙂 We sit together at rodeos and cheer on each other’s kids and talk writing. Well, we finally had a chance to go on a trip that didn’t include hauling a horse trailer when we went to Seattle to research for the Billionaire Bachelor Cove series.

unnamed (2)This is Erica in front of a sculpture located near the Space Needle. 🙂 We had So. Much. Fun.

So, I sat down with Erica and asked her a dozen questions. I’m not going to put them all here, but I wanted to share with you some of the fun answers she had. I’m always smiling when I’m with this lady!

Q. If I were to meet you on the street, what would you say to introduce yourself?

A. A few of my favorite things are movie theaters, riding horses with my family, and vacuum tracks. I enjoy lunch with friends, a weekend of binge watching a tv series, and wearing fuzzy socks. And if you can’t find me in the grocery store, I’m usually on the cleaning aisle inhaling the lemon fresh scent.

Ha! I can testify to that last part. Erica’s house is ALWAYS put together. I have no idea how she does it!! She is an inspiration to me. 

Q. What was your favorite part of the Seattle trip?

A. My favorite part of the Seattle trip was trying to maneuver the skinny streets of Seattle in a minivan. Six other authors, most of whom I hadn’t met before all buckled up in one car was a blast. I enjoyed seeing the Space Needle in person, and other landmarks I’d only seen on screen or in pictures. Another thing I found interesting about Seattle was how many people had dogs with them wherever we went.

Ohmygosh! What she didn’t say was that I was the driver. LOL We live in an area that doesn’t even have sidewalks. No joke. And cowboys and cowgirls are frequently seen riding horses down the road. And I drive an SUV or a HUGE truck. So…. minivans and narrow roads are not my thing. BUT, when we were on a steep road and had to stop, and Amberlee Day (a native of Washington) said, “You’re going to have to release the break at the same time you push on the gas to get us up this without rolling backwards into that car.” I was all over it! We did have a great time and I had some awesome navigators. 

Q. Why did you love Seattle?

A. I loved Seattle because it was beautiful and diverse, the perfect inspiration for a love story.

You can read Erica’s Seattle inspired love story by clicking here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Erica a little. 🙂 I know my life has been made better with her in it.

Happy reading,


Announcing the Release of “Her Brilliant Cowboy Billionaire”

erica cowboy email (1)

Dear Reader,

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make the release of “Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss” a roaring success. The reviews have been amazing and your personal comments and emails uplifting. YOU inspire me to write everyday!

Today is the release of “Her Brilliant Cowboy Billionaire” the second book in the Billionaire Bachelor Cove series. These books do not have to be read in order. BUT, the main characters are introduced at the end of my book. If you’ve bee waiting for Gemma’s story, and dying to know how she makes over a Texas cowboy, then wait no more! To start reading click here.

Here’s a teaser for the book:

Jamon West is out of his element in the neighborhood full of old-money billionaires and tech geniuses. Can Gemma Stone transform him into a respectable Seattle billionaire without losing her heart to this Texas cowboy in the process?

And, with special permission, I’m able to share an excerpt with you!! Check it out:

“Let’s check out the art pieces in the auction.” She gently led him towards the first painting, expertly weaving through the throng. Jamon tried to smile at people as they passed. He didn’t see anyone on the list of “must meets” Gemma had given him. Then again, the thumbnails were a blur and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to match the pictures to the real people.

About a dozen easels were placed around the room, each holding a canvas of an original painting done by various world-renowned artists, Gemma explained. Jamon nodded to keep her talking. No matter how long he stared or how much money he had, some of the paintings looked like a five-year-old had gotten hold of a paintbrush; a squiggly line was a squiggly line.

 “If I buy one of these, do I have to keep it?” Jamon frowned at the picture in front of them. Three thick purple lines circled in and out of one another. A light grey line slashed through all three, and a half dozen thinner ovals, grouped in threes, made up the final product.

Gemma stared at the image with appreciation. Something in her expression had changed. Her eyes held a note of serenity he had yet to see in her hard-nosed business persona. He stepped closer, and her vanilla and lace fragrance filled his head. He glanced back at the painting. Anything to put that look on her face was worth any price tag. “You like this?”

She swallowed as if she were trying to hold back her emotions and nodded. “It reminds me of dancing. Expression through the ebb and flow of the lines, the extensions and points, the eloquence.” Gemma seemed lost in a world of her own, one he couldn’t begin to relate to. His only experience with dance was the country swing. While he had a good time doing it, the movement didn’t evoke any emotional ties. “I love it,” she whispered.

Jamon’s world suddenly shifted. He wasn’t seeing the painting in a new light; he was seeing Gemma. The real Gemma. A woman who was passionate about dance, who loved it with her whole soul and could find pieces of it in swirls and lines. The love transformed her, and seeing her soul, Jamon was transformed too. He suddenly wanted to get closer, to see this side of her again, to feel her next to him. He gazed at Gemma. The soft flesh of her neck was exposed, and Jamon’s mouth puckered with the need to press a kiss to her soft skin. He’d lie down and let this temptress walk all over him if he wasn’t careful. “Let’s make a bid on it.” Jamon let his arm fall and catch her hand as if the action were the most natural thing in the world. “Where do I go?”

To continue reading, click here.

Happy reading!


We have a map!

Dear Reader,

One of the things that made writing in the Billionaire Bachelor Cove series was how real the neighborhood became to all of us. Maybe that was due to the fact that we have a map of The Cove.


The Beast’s lot is way up in the left corner. What you can’t see on this map is the slope of the land. The beach is much lower than the lake on the right. And there are hills and such that wind though the area. It’s quite big, with each lot being over 13 acres. You’ll notice that there are a few empty lots in there–don’t worry, they’ll be filled in. 🙂

If you’d like to take a trip to The Cove, you can check out the first book in the series by clicking here.


Happy reading,


We’re in paperback!

Dear Reader,

Not all my books make it to paperback. It’s just a fact. But, when one does, I like to let you know.

The full cover for HER BEAST OF A BILLIONAIRE BOSS is so beautiful!! I just had to share.


You can get your print copy on Amazon or click here.


Happy reading,


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