The Godmother Spell

The Godmother Spell Front Cover

Despite her mother’s objections, all Lyndee’s ever wanted was to become a fairy godmother. But once she’s bonded to two goddaughters, she realizes that godmotherhood is much more than granting wishes. Not only does she have to protect the girls from an evil fairy bent on destroying Lyndee’s career before it begins, she has to deal with an overzealous overseer named Gavin. Not that she minds Gavin so much – he’s gorgeous; he just happens to make things worse when he tries to help.


2 thoughts on “The Godmother Spell

    • Hi Kathey,
      Thanks for asking. I had The Godmother Chronicles on Kindle for quite some time but the covers need an overhaul so I removed them until I can update them. I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re reposted.
      All the best,

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