The Organized Bride book release!

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I must admit, I get a kick out of releasing a new book. There’s just something so magical about release day…I have a totally stupid grin all day and fall asleep with it still in place. That confessed, I’m positively thrilled to let you all know that the second book in the Billionaire Marriage Brokers’ series: The Organized Bride is now available in the Kindle Store.

If you read the first book, The Academic Bride, you met Pamela Jones, a modern fairy godmother if there ever was one. Pamela specializes in business marriage contracts, but she can spot a love match from a mile away. When Pamela has a good feeling about a bride and groom, sparks are sure to fly and she’s up to her old tricks once again.

In this book, we meet MaKayla…
MaKayla thought taking a job as an event planner for a high-end hotel would be a wonderful lead into opening her own events business. However, a one year no-contact clause leaves her clientless if she quits. With nowhere to go, she is intrigued with Pamela’s offer for a one-year contract running charities and overseeing contributions–until she finds out that to take her dream job, she also has to take Gabe…for better or worse.

You can pick up your copy by clicking here.

Read on for an excerpt!

Book 2 cover

Excerpt from The Organized Bride:

Gabe gestured toward the doors. MaKayla walked a couple feet and then stopped so fast that Gabe bumped into her, knocking her forward. He reached out and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her against his chest to keep her from falling.

For just a moment, they both froze, and Gabe could smell her deep scented perfume. A tremor went through her body—or both of theirs, he wasn’t sure—and he released her shoulders.

“Sorry.” She ducked her head as she tucked her hair behind her ear again, and Gabe had the insane desire to reach out and try that himself. “I was startled because that’s my name.” She pointed to the fresh paint on the concrete. “Well, it would be if I was changing my name.” Her cheeks colored slightly.

Gabe hurried to explain. “That’s your parking spot. I should have warned you about the name, but I thought it would be best if my colleagues knew you as MaKayla Russell.”

MaKayla smiled, but it looked more like a beauty-queen-on-a-parade-float smile than the one he’d seen in her photo. “You’re the boss.”

She started toward the doors again, and Gabe fell in step beside her, partially to present a united front when they walked through the door and partially so he wouldn’t run over her again if she stopped. It wasn’t the running over her that bothered him, so much as the holding her close. That had churned up feelings he hadn’t seen in a long time, feelings he needed to keep a lid on, because he was, as she so aptly pointed out, the boss, not someone who could pursue those feelings, even if he wanted to.


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