It’s Out!!

Hello Friends,

Well, I’ve been a bit late in posting this so I hope you’ll forgive me.

The Professional Bride: Billionaire Marriage Brokers Book Three is now available!

Amber Book 3 Front Cover

About the book:

Amber Appleby is not the blushing bride. She makes a career out of being a wife—a business wife that is. After signing divorce papers with her third husband, Amber’s looking forward to a few months in a tropical location when Pamela, owner of a matchmaking service for the ultra wealthy, calls her into the office to ask a favor. Pamela explains that her life-long friend has passed away leaving a world-class ski resort and extensive financial holdings to his grandson, Rym, with the stipulation that he marry a BMB bride to coach him through his first year as a billionaire. Amber’s up for the assignment but Rym turns out to be a maverick—and a gorgeous one at that. Amber’s skills as a life coach are tested at every turn right along with her heart. Faced with a law suit that could wipe out the resort Rym’s grandpa built from scratch, Amber has to decide if she’ll protect her marriage or the thing Rym loves most. Marriage was much simpler when love wasn’t involved.

Back-stage information about writing The Professional Bride.

I must tell you that research for this book was both fun and completely painful. I took ski lessons. I know, living in Utah I should have been born with skis on. However, I didn’t start skiing until I was in my 30s so I had the full Amber experience. My children started at the same time I did and while they are skiing black diamonds (well, two of them are) I am still trying to feel comfortable on any part of the mountain. I fell. I fell a lot those first days out. And, when I was falling, I would dig my right elbow into the ground to slow down. That’s not a great idea. If you’re ever in Park City, go ahead and slide down the hill as far as you can. It cuts down on your time spent in a wedge and can save your leg muscles. .

Speaking of leg muscles, there’s another bit of the story that’s true–if your ski boots are too large your feet will slide around in them and you’ll end up gripping with your toes. That doesn’t sound so bad until you’ve sat down for a while and your calves seize up. Oh the pain. I’m a pretty active person. I run. I bike. I wakeboard. I hike. I do waterslides and roller coasters. But, never in all my days have I been as muscle sore as I was after skiing in boots that were too big.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. (Maybe I was the morning I couldn’t walk but not anymore.) I simply wanted to share some of the hard-learned lessons from the ski lift with you. You know, in case you ever find yourself at the top of a hill, strapped into a pair of skis, and quaking. 🙂 If you do, remember to take the hill one turn at a time–kind of like life–and falling in snow is a lot different than falling off a bike.

I hope you enjoy reading The Professional Bride as much as I enjoyed the process of writing it.


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