Christmas Gift Tag Printable

Can you feel the crispness in the air?

The promise of a white Christmas?

The anticipation?

I feel it all the way down to my bones! If you’re missing that special feeling that only comes around once a year, try playing your favorite holiday music or looking for new artists and songs to liven up the holidays. (Celtic Women Christmas is one of my favorites and it never fails to bring that swelling of the heart.)

Another way to bring the holiday cheer is to read stories that center around the Spirit of Christmas, like Christmas Kisses, Blue Christmas, or North for Christmas. Each book has a sweet romance, some have some rock and roll, and they all have a special Christmas message.

If, after all that, you’re still not in the mood for egg nog, try taking a plate of Christmas cookies to your neighbors. One of the best ways to bring the feelings of love and joy into our lives is to create them. Don’t sit around and hope holly and mistletoe fall into your lap, get up and make it happen. AND, to help out with that, I’ve created a beautiful gift tag to help you spread joy to the world. 🙂 It can be used on presents under the tree, goodie plates for neighbors, or office gifts.

Gift Tag


To print a page of tags (9 tags in all) simply click here.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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