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I swear, every book I write should come with a tagline “This book brought to you by (insert chocolate treat.)” In this case, the chocolate treat would be Doves melt-in-your-mouth Promises. I consumed more than my fair share over the course of preparing my story, Romancing A Husband, for the Spring in Snow Valley Anthology.

–What I really need to do is write a book about an Olympic athlete and train with that woman for a month! 🙂 —

Snow Valley Spring Cover __ final.jpg


One of the fun new adventures for this series was hiring our own models for the cover. Aren’t those two adorable! I just love the way he’s looking at her–like she’s his everything. And, guess what? They are actually married! Total swoon!

If you haven’t yet, take a second and reserve your copy of Spring in Snow Valley by clicking here. It’s a fantastic read and all your favorite authors are back. You’ll revisit some past characters including Pastor James and Jessica, Kellen Thomas –the war hero who lost part of his leg while serving, Porter Wilson–the flirty Wilson brother, and Adam Moon–a man who gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “computer geek.” You’ll also meet more of the Snow Valley residents and dive a little deeper into the workings of Dove’s grocery store, Big C’s Drive Thru, life on a cattle ranch, and the spring time Snow Valley events.  Thanks for reading!



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