The Reclusive Billionaire


The Reclusive Billionaire is now available to purchase and lending on the Kindle Lending library.

One of the reasons I loved writing this book is that it allowed me the opportunity to spend some time in Santa Barbara, California with my dad and step-mom.

My dad celebrated his … we’ll just say it was a milestone birthday … and my brothers (both living in Arizona now) and I flew out to surprise him. And surprise him we did! We met up at the airport, bought a cake and party hats, and stood on his doorstep singing “Happy Birthday.” He was so shocked, he just stared. Then he fell out the door and into my arms. Thankfully, I wasn’t the one holding the cake. 🙂 Tears flowed, hugs were shared, and cake was eaten. It was one of the highlights of my year.

The next morning, my step-mom gave me a tour of the harbor, even getting us behind locked gates and right out there on the water. I was able to investigate the one and only house boat–what a treat! I visited the Harbor Master’s office for research and took a hundred pictures. We then took a walking tour of downtown where I found the perfect spot for Becca Lee’s veterinary office. That night, we walked Sterns Warf, checked out Moby Dick’s Restaurant,  and enjoyed the salty night air.

I hope you get a feel for Santa Barbara, and enjoy it as much as I do, when you read The Reclusive Billionaire. Click here to get your copy today.



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