Echo Ridge Excerpt

Dear Reader,

While You Were Skiing (my book in the Echo Ridge Anthology) starts on March 15th-the last day of the ski season- was an absolute blast to write! Part of the book is based in the Emerald Bed & Breakfast, part of it takes place on Ruby Mountain, and part of it takes place in a small house where Ryder Montgomery recovers from his fall off the chair lift and kisses Mia Davis.

I’m thrilled to share an excerpt from the story with you today. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading,


Book Excerpt:

Mia pressed her palm to her forehead and looked down at Ryder, who was smiling at her like an idiot in love. Love. Real love. Not I’m pretending for the sake of flirting with you, but honest-to-goodness love.

The intensity of it scared her more than his ability to sleep for days on end. She blinked once and took off after the doc.

“Wait!” she called. As adorable as her red shoes were, running in them on a slippery hospital floor was not easy.

The doctor paused so she could catch up.

She grabbed onto his white sleeve. “Isn’t it a bit early to send him home? I mean, he had a big fall, and his head—have you checked his head?”

“We have. All you need to do is keep him happy and calm for a couple of days and I’ll see him on Wednesday.”

“So no brain damage?”



“He’s cleared.”

“What about delusions?”

“Miss Davis.” The doctor sighed heavily. “There’s no reason to worry. Ryder is going to be fine.”

“But—” She wasn’t quite sure how to explain that when he went up the hill he was a near stranger and now he thought he loved her. Never mind the sense she had that she loved him too. They could get a two-for-one deal on head scans.

The doc held up his finger. “Repeat after me: happy and calm.”

“Happy and calm,” Mia repeated.

The doctor nodded once and left her standing there in the middle of the hallway.

“Happy and calm,” she said again on her way back to Ryder’s room. “Happy and calm. And in a few days, everything will be normal and I’ll be alone—again.” She frowned. Alone was not scary; it was familiar. Familiar and grey. If allowing Ryder to believe he loved her kept him happy and calm, she would just have to go with it.

Mia’s nerves were anything but happy and calm, jumping every time her heel clicked against the white linoleum flooring.

When she made it back to the room, she found that Ryder had fallen asleep again. Which was just as well. Maybe tomorrow he’d wake up and this whole engagement would seem like a dream to him. It certainly did to Mia.

To continue reading, click here.


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