Voices? It’s all about the voice.


Dear Readers,

Do you have a bucket list? I do. I don’t refer to it often but things on that list just keep popping up in my life. Like the chance to sing to a crowd and kind of rock it. Or, rappelling off a 180-ft cliff. Stuff like that. So when I was asked to do the voice over for a commercial for sweet romance, I said “yes” without having to check the list.

You can find the commercial by clicking here.

If you’d like to learn more about the authors featured in the commercial, or their bestselling books, simply click on their names below.

Happy reading and get going on that bucket list-you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Jennifer Youngblood

Brooke St James

Cami Checketts

Lucy McConnell

Rachelle Christensen

Victorine E. Lieske

Kimberley Montpetit

Cindy Roland Anderson

Liz Isaacson

Jeanette Lewis

Kimberly Krey



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